Our Practitioners

All of our practitioners are Registered Osteopaths with our governing body the GOsC http://www.osteopathy.org.uk/ and regularly update our peadiatric knowledge.


David Leach: B.Sc. Hons Ost Med

David is the senior osteopath & consultant at our Luton and Markyate clinics. Having been both England & Wales lacrosse captain and played international level sport for the past 22 years. He has been fortunate enough to travel the world on numerous medical teams working with some of the top medical professionals in sport. In recent times David's interests have steered towards infantile conditions such as colic and reflux, devising osteopathic non-invasive ways to correct them.


Dale Hardiman

Dale Hardiman is a registered osteopath with a special interest in the treatment of sports and occupational related pain and injury. A former royal marine/professional mixed martial artist, winning two professional British titles in his sport and having completely 2 operational tours in Afghanistan, Dale is uniquely placed to understand the impacts/strains of high level activity on the body.

Of course over time, these strains led to personal injury which peaked Dales interest in Osteopathy and helping others to recover from their injuries. Dale graduated the British School of Osteopathy with a distinction in his Masters. Dale's approach to Osteopathy are build on structural foundations but he combines his osteopathic flare with exercise rehabilitation, medical acupuncture, sports massage therapy and kinesio taping for a well rounded holistic approach to pain management/injury rehab.

Lorraine Strudwick - B (hons) Ost

Lorraine is a registered Osteopath with a Bachelor of Science degree in Osteopathy from Oxford Brookes University. Lorraine has a structural approach to osteopathic treatment and works with her patients to ensure understanding of how their pain and symptoms has evolved and the reasoning behind treatment strategies. As a kickboxing and boxing instructor, Lorraine has a special interest in sports injuries and rehabilitation and has gained extensive insight into the biomechanics of movement and how injury patterns evolve. She has treated a wide range of sporting injuries from acute sprains/strains to chronic overuse conditions. Patients include World and European kickboxing champions, ABA regional boxers, and amateur footballers, runners, cyclists and martial artists. Having trained and competed in local and national competitions in kickboxing, winning a Bronze medal at the WAKO British Championships, Lorraine also has personal experience of competitive training needs and approaches to injury rehabilitation. Lorraine actively researches evidence based rehabilitation exercises and stretches, and uses these protocols as part of her treatment approach for both athletes and non-athletes of all ages. She is also  qualified in sports and remedial massage and uses kinesio taping techniques in association with treatment where indicated.


Sean Walker

Sean, originally from and educated in Harpenden, graduated with an Integrated Masters Degree from the renowned European School of Osteopathy. Sean has a strong sporting background having represented Hertfordshire Rugby from U14s to Colts level, as well as being a keen golfer. He has a passion for music and plays the Highland Bagpipes and represented Scotland in the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland. He is a father of two young girls who keep him on his toes.

His background and achievements have shaped his interest within osteopathy and he likes treat holistically and always applies a structured and multi faceted approach to each individual on a case by case basis in order to diagnose and treat effectively. Sean will also consider the mind and body link to your pain presentation and will always communicate what he thinks is causing your pain and how long it may to take resolve or how best to adapt to the problem. He has a diverse toolbox in terms of techniques, and can apply structural, visceral, functional and cranial approaches, but will always work with you to determine what is best suited to you and your ailments. Sean is also certified in Medical Acupuncture.

  • We also offer a Mother and Baby Clinic

    David has spent the last 16 years investigating the causes and rational behind children suffering with digestive dissorders